Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The thought of this is killing me , its been on my mind ,
can't believe its been right here after all this time ,
 and eventho i love you ,
 i cant seem to find someone that cares the way you do ,
 you know i love the way we're always been ,
 nothing more than friends ,
 so why do i give every man to stand up ,
 thought i was over this but once again im comparing you to him ,
 and i find that theres no you in him at all ..

*Boy eventho you are my bestfrind , i cant help whenever i compare you to him . its like i always do this with every single man , and i hate that i cant find someone whos worth my time , just like my bestfriend *

And i know you hear me say this all the time .
 i dont do relationship cuz im on my grind .
But see your part of this because i just cant find someone who knows me like you do .
 Always thought out of good on it , you know just what to say ,
 whatever it is , no other guy would ever try .
Remember when you left one day , and turned around and say , "your my bestfriend " ,
and right there , you made me cry ,

 repeat (*) ..

i'm trying to let you know , apart of me just cant let this go ,
 Never had a friend , one who understands .
with you i felt so free .
 i dont know what you did ,
 but i know that whatever it is ,
 i'm so thankful for you ,
 i'm so grateful for you ...
 even tho the thing i told you ..

Miss all of it :)